11 Must Have Travel Gadgets for a Stress-Free Trip


Yes, it’s the time of year when you really start to think about epic getaways and holiday trips to  some fun loving spots in Nigeria. Or perhaps you’re getting ready for that overseas adventure to other parts of Africa, Europe, US or Asia, making sure you have everything handy when you want to travel is crucial.

So, whether it’s a romantic trip, a weekend getaway, business conference or a family vacation, here are 11 travel essentials that will ensure you travel smoothly.

Bose QuietControl  30 Wireless Headphones  

For frequent travellers, a noise-canceling headphones are a must. The Bose QuietControl 30 is a well-built and comfortable wireless Bluetooth headphone offering  variable noise-canceling and excellent sound quality.

These gadgets  are designed to measure outside noise and cancel it out with the opposite signals. They also sport   s a lightweight neckband that conforms to your body for all-day-long comfort.
Price: N115,000


Ever wished your seat on a flight had more legroom or better entertainment? The Airhook promises to deliver both. The Airhook attaches to a closed tray table and works as a mount for electronics that doubles as a cup holder. This allows travellers not only to watch TV or movies comfortably from a phone or tablet, but also to avoid sacrificing space by opening up the tray table.

The idea is that you can slip your drink in, slide in your tablet to watch a movie, and enjoy the flight.
Price: N9,500

Raden A22 Carry On Spinner

This lightweight matte-silver travel companion is a stylish hard-sided smart suitcase, delivering both a minimalist design and maximum capacity. With the double-spinning wheels,  it will keep up with you when you are in a hurry and need to catch up your flight. It also charges multiple devices and has a zipper-integrated Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lock.

The software features are great  and just in case a strict flight attendant demands that you check it, an app will allow you to keep tabs on it via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled location tracking.
Price: N130,000

GLiNet Mini Router

GLiNet Mini Router is a mini travel router for working professionals and a programmable gateway for Do It Yourself (DIY) addicts. This clever piece helps convert dubious wired networks at hotels and other public places to your own private, secure Wi-Fi.

The smaller-than-palm-sized wonder lets all your devices connect instantly , without the trouble of plugging in your password into each and every device. It looks nice in  sunny yellow, but it also comes in cheery colours.
Price : N7,500

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Whether you need it to decompress after a long day of conferences or to take care of business while on vacation, it may be worth packing up a portable speaker.

The JBL Flip 4 is a robust, affordable waterproof speaker, and one that’s comfortably supplying sounds to all elements of your life. The rechargeable Li-ion battery delivers stereo-quality sound for 12 continuous hours. and sports a built-in noise and echo-canceling speaker phone for conference calls.
Price: N40,000

iHome SuperCharge 10,000mAh External Battery

A portable external battery can save the day. This sleek handy power bank charges  two devices at once, and easily slips into a small bag. The gold colour gives it a classic look, but for those with more subdued taste, it also comes in grey.
Price: 12,000

HP Stream 11-y009tu Notebook

Designed for the always connected life, this Petite yet powerful swift laptop lets you easily shift from homework to workhorse. With its portable design and strong Wi-Fi antenna, it delivers the essential productivity and features you want, without ever slowing you down.
Price: N90,000

BullRest Ergonomic Pillow

A head rest is always essential for that long-haul flights, why not take a load off while you travel with the BullRest Ergonomic Travel Pillow.

This pillow is complete with a thoughtful design for maximum comfort. Through the use of memory foam, the BullRest Travel Pillow molds to the shape of your neck. In addition, it features an opening at the centre.

Price: N25,000

The Kinden Universal

It’s time to upgrade your travel adaptor to one that includes USB ports. This will cut down on the number of separate adaptors you need to travel with and lighten the load.

The Kinden Universal AC International Armour travel power charger wall adapter plug covers over 150 countries with standard US, UK, EU and AU plugs. It has two 25A USB outputs and also comes with a car charger.
Price : N8,000

ETA Travel Gear Luggage Locator

From the moment you check-in to the moment you arrive, ETA Travel Gear Luggage Locator works  with thousands of airports and hundreds of airlines all over the world, to minimize the risk that your baggage is lost without a trace.

Inside the package is the receiver unit to be attached to a suitcase, the transmitter/control unit that you keep with you, a battery for each unit, and two wire cables that can be used to affix the units onto, for example, bag handles or whatever else you wish to keep them with.
Price: N7,500

PROINTxp Digital Luggage Scale


Once you finish packing your suitcase, it is always a good idea to check its weight so you wont be forced to throw away some of your things at the airport ,  if you don’t want to pay for excess luggage. The ProInt luggage scale is a good option for a weight read in advance.

Simply hang your bag on the hook and see its weight in both kilograms and pounds. It’s really that simple. And the best part is it’s small so you can take it with you for another weight read when you’re returning home.
Price : N5,500