Blincam: Let Your Hands Rest, Just Wink To Take A Picture


Japan is not taking it easy on consumer tech these days with the invention of amazing wearables. Recently, a new blink-triggered camera – Blincam , which attaches to your pair of glasses allowing you snap pictures with just a wink, was developed by a team of young Japanese.

Blincam is smart enough to discern between an intentional blink and a natural blink. The Blincam is 90 percent accurate at picking up a forceful blink using its patent-pending blink sensor. Using Bluetooth, the Blincam then sends the photo a smartphone, the developers say.

Wink me, I wink you, God no go vex!!!

Although, blink-triggered cameras are not new, Google in 2013 introduced its Google Glass concept, an augmented-reality headset that snap photos and shoot videos without the apparent social gesture of pointing a phone, the team hopes to standout by adding a blink-to-shoot camera to any pair of glasses,  so you can save what you see, anytime anywhere.  The camera also packs a decent four-hour battery life or eight-hour life on standby.

The wearable is still passing through its crowdsourcing phase at Makuake , but should be available for sale next year at N56, 000.

Check out how Blincam works here.