Buyers’ Guide: 4 Best Mini Tablets


The mobile world is rapidly becoming more diverse. Whether it is on a tablet or a mobile device, it is more important now than it ever has been to stay connected on the go. Shopping for a smaller tablet can be challenging, thanks to the ocean of 7- to 8-inch devices available.

To find the very best tablets, you would want to look for four key features: a bright, vivid, pixel-dense display that looks great at any angle; a lightweight design that is comfortable to hold in one hand for long stretches; a powerful CPU coupled with a good amount of RAM for smooth, speedy multitasking; and an interface that is easy to understand and navigate even if you are not tech-savvy.

With the countless options available, it can be difficult to find the perfect one, but we have compiled 4 of the best mini tablets offering portability and convenience.

Google Nexus 9

The good: The Nexus 9 performs steadily with many apps open, and switching between them is easy. Its streamlined construction also has a deluxe, comfortable feel.

The bad:   No microSD card slot.

The bottom line: The Google Nexus 9’s premium build, speedy performance and consistent updates make it one of the best high-end Android tablets you can find around..

Asus Memo Pad 8

The good:  Sleek design; helpful ZenUI software; sharp screen; strong camera performance.

The bad: Short battery life; display not very bright; some bloatware.

The bottom line: The Asus MeMo Pad 8 is a stylish Android slate with loads of features. The Intel Atom-powered Asus ZenPad S 8.0 sports a slim design that is only 0.26 inches thick, complete with a leather-like band on the back.

HP Stream 8

The good: Sits neatly in the hand; comes with a microSD card slot.

The bad: Only 1GB of RAM; Single-band Wi-Fi.

The bottom line: Consider the HP Stream 8 if you want a relatively inexpensive Windows 8.1 device that will fit in your hand. It is best suited for media consumption tasks, whether it is browsing the Web, watching videos, or reading e-books via Kindle.

  • Rating: 7.5/10
  • Price:N60,000
  • Website:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

The good:  The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 delivers satisfying performance for browsing and casual gaming, and has a very good screen.

The bad: Anemic speaker and cameras; poor battery life.

Bottom line:  The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is a budget Android tablet that performs reasonably well. It is a solid choice for general family usage, Internet browsing and replying to emails.