CWG Launches ‘D-Coder Initiative’ for Secondary Schools


Computer Warehouse Group (CWG), a technology company focused on deploying technology solutions that enable growth has ear-marked a ‘D-Coder Initiative’ for Secondary Schools as one of its CSR Initiatives for 2017.

This is an Internship Training Programme for Secondary School Students for a period of 2-3weeks in Software and Coding Skills for FREE. The initiative is open to five students per school/ per term who are interested in exploring their technology, software and coding skills. Schools are to nominate these students with the written consent of their parents.

The initiative is to enable students who have a passion in ICT with emphasis on software and coding get the first hand opportunity and exposure on becoming an expert in it.  It also exposes the students to skills and knowledge which may not be taught /practiced in the classrooms but are highly required in the work environment. 

With this move students will not only learn the basic rudiments of software & coding, but will also acquire some work ethics and become more grounded young adults, who are confident and decisive about the direction for their lives. The internship’s pilot phase has been launched and now; entries are welcomed in earnest, so let us spread the word and build capacity for our economy.

Mrs. Eniye Alile, Group, Human Resources Manager for CWG said that keeping youths positively busy, will go a long way in building their capacity for learning and intuitive reasoning for a more rounded work-life  adding that it will be inappropriate to leave it to the Government alone,  hence it was important that Organizations and IT Professionals give of themselves, ‘time and facility’ to further boost the pool of ICT enthusiasts in our environs.

She stated that the inclusion of ICT as a subject in Schools’ Curriculum is one of the ways the educational system can be beefed up to ensure students are taught some basic ICT knowledge and skills required to survive in today’s ever changing and fast-paced environment.