How to Stop Google from Tracking your Voice


 Do you know that Google is silently recording everything you say? When you turn on Voice and Audio Activity, you let Google save a recording of your voice and other audio to your Google Account.

Using a feature which allows people to search the Web with their voices, Google stores these recordings to improve their software language recognition tools and the results it brings up. You can even listen through the recordings, see how the sound was recorded and read through handy transcripts of your most unsuspected conversations.

If you worried about your recordings you didn’t even know about , relax,  you can delete them easily using Google’s history page.

Hover to Google’s audio history page , find the recordings and click the check box on the left, then move to the top of the page and click ‘delete’.To get rid of embarrassing conversations , you can press the ‘More’ button, select ‘Delete options’ and then ‘Advanced’ and click once through.

If you don’t mind denying yourself of some of Google’s exciting features, such as
>>Learning the sound of your voice
>>Learning how you pronounce words and phrases
>>Recognising when you say “Ok Google”
>>Improving speech recognition across Google products that use your voice

You can turn off the virtual assistant which automatically stops Google recording.



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