Tech Companies Hijack The Love Market, As Facebook Emerges World’s Most Loved Brand


It seems Tech companies  have hijacked the love market . According to the third NetBase Top 100 Global Brand Love List  , Facebook  emerged the most loved brand in the world, narrowly followed by Amazon, eBay, Apple and Snapchat. I am as surprised as you are that Google didn’t make the first five and not even the first 20?

NetBase , a global leader in enterprise social analytics says it looked at “brand conversations across the social web inclusive of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and millions of other sources during the one-year period from May 2016 through July 2017.”

The  NetBase Brand Passion Report: Top 100 Global Brand Love List is a close look at the brands, consumers express the most love for in social media. Using patented  technology, they surfaced the strongest, most positive consumer emotions towards brands, then identified which 100 brands get the most love.

Understanding consumer preference is one-part art, and one-part science. It’s about more than measuring the volume of social content or sentiment. It’s also about the intensity of passion and feeling. And that’s information that can drive intelligent brand decision-making.

Now, social passion offers new insights into brand health, allows measurement of campaigns against lasting emotional assets, and informs geographical action—such as where a love potion may be in order before getting to business as usual. And return on investments has been tied to return on love.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook , with over 2 billion users is the big winner, bringing in 21% of all mentions. The social media giant took the number one spot as the most loved global brand as it continues to provide an  amazing platform to connect its users with their communities .

“We can’t measure brand love by simply counting mentions or impressions, because as we all know, brands are talked about for a variety of emotional reasons. And not all of  them are good. There is a big difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’—not to mention sarcastic love or  hate. And gentle mocking is nowhere near as alarming as contempt.  That’s why we put our advanced social technology to the test to measure the strongest emotions shared about brands. Love—and every single version of it.

We wanted consumers to lead us to the brands they love most. NetBase analyzed  posts across the public social web, looking for brands most often associated with, but not limited to, the following expressions of love”, NetBase said.