How to find your lost Microsoft device


lost microsoft deviceIt is very painful when you lost or someone stole your phone. If it truly got lost or stuck in your room or house, with the help of the inbuilt function called “Find My Phone”, you do not need to worry

that much since it is very easy to get.

This service will help you get back your phone with  4 options which are: Ring, Lock, Erase and  show your Windows Phone on a map. You must be signed into your Microsoft account on your Windows phone to be able to use this service.

>>To locate your phone on the map, go to and choose the phone you want to find then select Find My Phone, here your phone’s location will be displayed on the map.

>>To make your phone ring out or lock it, go to and choose the phone you want to ring or lock, then click Find My Phone.  To make your phone ring, click Ring and then follow the instructions. It will ring even if the volume is off or set to vibrate.
>>To lock your phone and show a message on the lock screen, click Lock , then follow the instructions. If  you do not already have a password set up on your phone, you will need to enter one because you will use it to unlock the phone if you get it back.
>>To erase your phone’s data, if you are very sure that you cannot get your phone back, or if you have  private information on it that you want to protect until you recover it, you can erase your phone remotely.   Go to  and  choose the phone you want to erase, click Find My Phone ,click Erase and select the I am ready to erase my phone checkbox, then click Erase.