Forget About Your Cables: All Hail The Wireless Power Bank


The Huggl is exactly what the smartphone industry needs. Better chargers! While we’ve completely gone to trash on battery advancement (we’re literally carrying around dynamite in our pockets), there’s a lot we can do in the charger department. We never really embraced wireless charging, but we’ve completely adopted the power-bank into our daily lives.

How about a power bank that just charges wirelessly? Not only would that kill the Android vs. iOS argument, it would also mean you can charge your phone with incredible ease. The Huggl’s design definitely builds a clear image of where charger technology should be headed.

It comes in a power bank avatar that allows you to dock your phone into its soft cushion-y upper component. Once your phone is nestled into the pillow, it begins charging. You can place multiple phones stacked one behind another and the Huggl will charge all of them… without cables! Why are we devoting our lives to self-lacing sneakers when we can easily make this?