Hillarious….Checkout This Donald Trump’s Bluetooth Speaker


Sound of Power (SOP) is celebrating Donald Trump (US presidential nominee by the Republican Party and one of the most controversial leaders in the world), with its new line of high-end speakers.

SOP is a Russian based company who makes contemporary reincarnation of some classical objects combining striking visual and audio qualities. SOP features powerful people who, in their own way, played the world like instruments and made countries and continents dance to the beat of their metaphorical drums.



One of its latest release is Donald Trump aka Donald the Great. According to SOP, Donald Trump is famous for speaking his mind, regardless of the consequences, consistency, logic or timing. ‘He is also known for his violent power play when ruthlessly reducing his opponents by renaming them as Little Marco, Lyin’ Cruz and Crooked Hillary, Trump will without doubt keep power playing the world in his own way’

It is with pride we present the final character in the Sound of Power series, Donald the Great. Offering you to play Donald Trump like he’s been playing you. Sound of Power number five, Donald the Great is portrayed as an emperor, a shiny white man with exquisite details, including his life like expression, signature haircut, completed with a toga held together with a dollar coin. Donald is a one of a kind presidential candidate; we honor him with a speaker like no other, the company said.

Available at N 700,000 (about $2,220  ), in a limited edition of just 100 pieces , The Donald the Great speaker sports a full-range driver and matching amplifier that serves as a stand.


The bust speakers created in Russia and handcrafted in Sweden, had previous releases on Margaret Thatcher AKA Maggie, Kim Jong-Un AKA Kim Sunshine Vladimir Putin, AKA St. Vladimir.

Lets look forward to what the presidential nominee will say concerning the honor of joining the collection.