Instasnap: The Phoneless Instagram Has Arrived


If you are just like me who likes to leave my phone behind – particularly when it comes to getting out and enjoying an experience at  beach, club, a show and so on. Do you also like photographing your experiences for social media? Then this device is designed for you. So, you want freedom from your phone but don’t want to lug around a big heavy camera, the answer is Instasnap.

Designed by Johandré Saayman , Instasnap is the world’s first, small, ultra-portable camera specifically focused on creating and capturing great content for Instagram. The 12 megapixel camera mimics the Instagram logo’s compact square form and sports a minimal, one-button control. Other features include video stabilization, wind noise reduction, and it’s completely waterproof!

With its built-in SSD flash storage and wi-fi/Bluetooth capability, you can save or instantly upload your pictures, all without the distraction of a phone. Trust you want one for that next trip to Elegushi beach.