iPhone: Typing Tips That Get the Work Done Fast


Your iPhone’s keyboard offers some hidden tricks that can improve your typing experience and make you more productive. Some of these tricks are well hidden that you may never discover them until someone tells you. So, whether you are very fast or slow at typing, these handy tricks will enhance your typing skills.

Swift Changes

If you only want to enter one number or symbol, don’t tap Number or Symbol button — touch it and slide to the number or symbol you want to enter, and then let go. It will enter and the keyboard will instantly switch back. The same works for shift and capital letters.

Caps Lock

If you want to type all caps , maybe to yell at someone on the Internet or just type an abbreviation — you can tap the Shift key twice. It will stay on until you tap it again.

Accented Letters

Nigerian languages often need extra letters to represent their sounds and meaning well. Typing the letter ‘e’ is as easy as tapping it, typing ‘èéêëēėę’ is almost as easy. Just touch and hold down on the letter ‘e’ and you will get a popup with all the other options. For example, if you want to type “Bimpe” type the name “Bimpe,” and then long-press the “e” key and select the é.

Enlarge Errors

Working around a text and suddenly you notice a lot of mistakes, just  touch the screen and hold down until the magnifying loupe appears. Drag until the cursor is at the mistake, then let go and make your corrections.

Cut! Copy! Paste

To cut or copy text, double tap on it and drag the handles to select the exact beginning and end points, and the tap Cut or Copy. To paste text, use the magnification loupe to position the cursor, then tap Paste

Undo auto-correct

Auto-correct will attempt to fix typing mistakes as you make them. If the correction is wrong, however, just hit the backspace key and iOS will popup what you originally typed. Tap on it, and it will be un-auto-corrected and restored.

Bring it Back

This tip is quite interesting. Do you regret deleting some text and you want it back? Just shake your iPhone and you will be given the option to undo what you did, and to redo what you undid.

Quick Formatting

Swiftly apply bold, italics, or underline in any app that supports rich text formatting by double tapping on it and then tap the B/U option in the popup menu, and finally choose the formatting.

Dictionary well-defined

Atimes you get confused hether you are using the right words or not, for example access and assess or advice and advise, you can double tap on it to bring up the popup, tap the arrow on the right for more options, and tap Define to get the dictionary definition. Tap Manage to change or add dictionaries.

Quickly Type .com, .net, .org, and more

Hasten up typing web addresses by long-pressing the period key. You can quickly insert common suffixes such as .com, .net, .org, and .edu. Move your finger to the suffix you want to type and lift to enter it.

Inserting Attachments

To attach an image or document to your email, simply double tap where you want to insert it and then tap Insert Photo or Attachment from the popup menu.

Play with Emojis

Emoji are special characters set used to communicate pictographically. The emoji keyboard should be enabled by default, but if not, go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.




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