LinkedIn Makes Networking Easier, Adds ‘Smarter’ Messaging Feature


With the addition of the ‘Smarter’ Messaging FeatureLinkedIn now lets members exchange messages without having to move to another page.

The new messaging tab, available worldwide allows members to reach out to any of their connections whether they’re on the site looking at jobs or updating their profile.

We want to thread messaging across LinkedIn to make it so seamless you can start or resume conversations without having to go to another page to do it, said Sammy Shreibati, a Senior Product Manager at the LinkedIn.

The messaging update is part of LinkedIn’s goal to become more than the go-to place for job seekers and to keep its 467 million using the platform for longer stretches of time. The company said that it’s seen a 40 percent increase in messaging in the past year and that about half its members now use messaging.

As part of the new messaging feature, LinkedIn also provides “contextual suggestions” on the Jobs and Company pages. For example, a member looking at a job posting will instantly see which of their connections work at that company or who could possibly introduce them to someone there.

During tests of the new message feature, LinkedIn saw a 10 percent increase in members responding to messages within one minute, said Chris Szeto, LinkedIn’s Messaging Product Director.