The Nimb Ring Is Specially Designed For Your Safety



Strolling home from the bus stop late in the night and you feel unsafe walking along the quiet streets, wondering if help could come in times of danger… need for worries, Nimb has you covered.Project Nimb is the latest wearable tech to keep you safe and sound. Nimb is a ring with a concealed button that notifies family, friends, emergency services you are in trouble.

According to Anna Voremberg, Managing Director, End Rape on Campus, “One in five women is sexually assaulted before graduating from college”.  This wearable device is devoted to your safety by allowing you to send out a distress signal.

We ran the pre-launch campaign on Facebook for three weeks and received tremendous feedback. People all over the world said that they want to lead safer lives. They really want to feel protected, to feel that someone will always have their back when they are in trouble, said Kathy Roma, a spokeswoman for Nimb.

While in danger, just press the panic button for three seconds to alert a group of people the wearer has chosen. The ring pairs with the person’s phone to send the GPS location to those contacts. If you ever stray too far from your phone for Nimb to sync, the ring, which has a two-week battery life, will vibrate to notify you. The Nimb app also allows you to send out a distress signal from your phone if you are not wearing your ring.

The Nimb team hopes to help out by starting a community of safety. Our mission is not only to equip people with devices but to bring the idea of collaboration and coming forward with a helping hand. The community aspect comes through the ability to alert other Nimb wearers in the area, giving them a chance to assist you. You can turn off that function if you prefer not to get alerts from random people, said Roma.

Considering that Nimb is not alone in using wearables for safety, with devices such as  Wearsafe, a water-resistant tag with a button you can press to call for help and Safelet, a metal bracelet that lets you send a signal to friends when  in danger, Roma states that the ring is unique for its convenience and design. We hope that people will wear it every day no matter what, without feeling like it compromises their style, she added.

The Nimb Ring is currently on kickstarter and has raised more than N43.3m so far.



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