Pet Lovers Meet ALNpet’s Smart Feeder

The ALNpet’s Smart Feeder is priced at $400(N113,000)
Do you wake up by 5am to feed your pets, while still rushing to avoid Lagos early morning traffic? You can easily solve these problems with an automatic pet feeder. The device saves your time and money, although getting one can be sometimes overwhelming.
With the ALNpet  Smart Feeder, your pets will always get fed on time and accurately. The ALNpet Feeder comes with automatic connected pet care features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and app-controlled feeding from a retractable feeding dish. Food can be measured electronically and stored by the standing pet feeder unit.
No need to worry about rushing home or working late, knowing that your pet is well fed. The built-in microphone and remote video camera on the feeder station ensures that pet owners keep a tab on the food being eaten while they are temporarily away.
In addition, the smart app and feeder works with a Smart Collar, which takes the pet’s statistics such as breed, age, weight and activities into account when feeding. The collar device connects wirelessly to the Smart Feeder and Smart App, and has the ability to track movement to analyse exercise output.