Phones with the Best Battery Life: Check If Yours Made the List


Battery life is a very crucial factor to consider when purchasing a new smartphone, because the last thing you want is for your phone to indicate a low battery when you need it most.

Normally, your phone should last a full work day when used moderately, but if you like watching videos on the go or constantly using it to stream music and surf the web during the day, you will need to recharge it more often.

If a long battery life tops your list of phone needs, you can’t go wrong with any of these ones.


Gionee Marathon M5 148h 38:07h 30:51h 26:24h 148h
Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL 121h 27:47h 20:22h 15:40h 121h
Samsung Galaxy S6 active 109h 26:29h 16:25h 18:03h 109h
Xiaomi Mi Max 108h 24:09h 19:25h 16:42h 108h
Xiaomi Redmi 3 107h 32:53h 15:11h 17:50h 107h
Nokia Lumia 1520 107h 28:34h 12:40h 12:31h 107h
Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G 106h 33:19h 16:41h 18:01h 106h
Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE 105h 28:25h 15:05h 14:58h 105h
Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) 103h 32:54h 13:26h 18:36h 103h
Huawei Mate 8 103h 26:45h 17:05h 12:34h 103h
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) 101h 24:32h 12:21h 18:18h 101h
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 LTE 101h 46:44h 9:16h 12:10h 101h
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact 101h 16:40h 14:52h 15:03h 101h
Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos 98h 25:02h 12:18h 12:45h 98h
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 98h 24:29h 13:32h 20:08h 98h
Samsung Galaxy A8 98h 25:02h 12:18h 12:45h 98h
Lenovo ZUK Z1 97h 22:13h 10:46h 14:14h 97h
LG G Flex 97h 25:19h 9:31h 19:57h 97h
Samsung Galaxy S7 active 96h 29:17h 12:08h 20:54h 96h
Sony Xperia T2 Ultra 96h 25:16h 12:17h 13:12h 96h
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) 96h 26:01h 11:55h 13:08h 96h
Xiaomi Mi 5 92h 19:43h 12:50h 13:52h 92h
Sony Xperia C3 Dual 91h 22:11h 11:47h 12:22h 91h
Samsung Galaxy J7 91h 18:37h 9:04h 16:22h 91h
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) 91h 20:40h 9:52h 12:21h 91h
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 90h 28:31h 11:01h 17:52h 90h
Motorola DROID Turbo 90h 30:09h 11:31h 13:41h 90h
Meizu MX4 89h 16:25h 14:06h 9:31h 89h
Sony Xperia Z2 89h 22:13h 11:32h 12:16h 89h
Sony Xperia E4 88h 11:07h 16:40h 9:00h 88h
Motorola RAZR MAXX 87h 21:18h 9:12h 16:35h 87h
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (USA) 87h 22:32h 10:09h 16:54h 87h
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 86h 28:23h 11:20h 13:04h 86h
Sony Xperia Z3 85h 23:13h 12:03h 11:47h 85h
vivo Xplay5 Elite 85h 33:20h 8:20h 12:51h 85h
Samsung Galaxy Note5 85h 28:34h 10:43h 13:51h 85h
Acer Liquid X2 85h 15:38h 12:39h 12:42h 85h
Apple iPhone 6s Plus 85h 15:51h 11:51h 13:57h 85h
Motorola Moto X Play 83h 26:28h 11:52h 12:06h 83h
Samsung Galaxy S5 83h 27:37h 9:39h 11:15h 83h
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ 83h 30:29h 10:25h 13:53h 83h
Samsung Galaxy A7 83h 25:12h 9:30h 9:58h 83h
Samsung Galaxy A7 Duos 83h 25:12h 9:30h 9:58h 83h
Motorola Moto E (2nd gen) 82h 22:36h 12:42h 13:04h 82h
Huawei Ascend Mate 81h 25:12h 8:17h 12:18h 81h
HTC Butterfly S 81h 19:14h 11:07h 9:03h 81h
LG G2 81h 25:15h 11:42h 9:28h 81h
HTC One Max 81h 22:13h 11:20h 13:11h 81h
Asus PadFone X 80h 18:45h 11:07h 11:01h 80h
Samsung Galaxy S7 80h 22:57h 9:34h 14:50h 80h
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 79h 23:49h 9:05h 11:15h 79h
HTC One (M8) for Windows 79h 28:34h 12:31h 11:15h 79h
Huawei P9 lite 79h 15:20h 11:51h 10:58h 79h
Motorola Moto X Force 78h 23:22h 9:29h 15:07h 78h
HTC One (E8) 77h 17:47h 10:02h 11:16h 77h
HTC One (M8) 77h 14:15h 12:29h 10:11h 77h
Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM 76h 23:09h 10:23h 9:43h 76h
LG G2 mini 76h 18:11h 11:02h 10:23h 76h
Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE 76h 23:09h 10:23h 9:43h 76h
Samsung Galaxy E7 76h 20:04h 8:17h 14:57h 76h
Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro 76h 33:20h 7:42h 7:29h 76h
Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM 76h 23:09h 10:23h 9:43h 76h
Huawei Honor 5X 76h 29:40h 10:00h 9:16h 76h
Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) 76h 19:23h 9:01h 10:05h 76h
Nokia Lumia 1320 75h 22:13h 10:58h 9:17h 75h
Huawei P9 75h 14:53h 9:15h 8:46h 75h
Sony Xperia E3 75h 14:28h 9:48h 8:26h 75h
Xiaomi Mi 4s 75h 23:25h 9:30h 10:35h 75h
Sony Xperia T3 75h 19:48h 9:23h 9:56h 75h
Huawei Honor 5c 75h 20:35h 9:35h 9:39h 75h
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 75h 18:12h 9:04h 13:32h 75h
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE 74h 29:46h 10:14h 8:40h 74h
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM 74h 29:46h 10:14h 8:40h 74h
Huawei Nexus 6P 74h 20:50h 8:35h 9:59h 74h
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL 74h 29:46h 10:14h 8:40h 74h
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo 74h 24:52h 9:43h 11:38h 74h
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM 74h 29:46h 10:14h 8:40h 74h
Samsung Galaxy A5 74h 18:02h 11:36h 9:18h 74h
Samsung Galaxy S6 73h 19:48h 10:56h 12:12h 73h
BlackBerry Passport 73h 25:12h 10:12h 10:46h 73h
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 73h 19:48h 10:56h 12:12h 73h
Lenovo Vibe K4 Note 73h 18:51h 9:10h 9:13h 73h
Motorola Moto G4 73h 20:21h 11:18h 9:40h 73h
Apple iPhone SE 73h 11:56h 12:55h 14:17h 73h
LG AKA 73h 23:20h 10:38h 11:54h 73h
Sony Xperia Z5 73h 17:13h 14:35h 7:53h 73h
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MediaTek) 72h 22:02h 10:12h 9:57h 72h
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini 72h 12:18h 13:14h 11:02h 72h
Huawei G8 71h 27:44h 10:00h 10:20h 71h
vivo X5Max 71h 17:23h 9:19h 10:44h 71h
Sony Xperia M2 Aqua 71h 16:39h 8:38h 9:21h 71h
ZTE nubia Z9 70h 22:20h 12:18h 7:11h 70h
HTC Desire Eye 70h 19:11h 10:02h 10:35h 70h
Motorola Nexus 6 70h 25:03h 7:54h 10:01h 70h
HTC Desire 510 70h 14:06h 10:53h 9:54h 70h
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active 70h 20:01h 9:05h 12:51h 70h
Meizu m2 note 69h 20:55h 9:54h 6:27h 69h
Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos 69h 18:02h 11:36h 9:18h 69h
Huawei P9 Plus 69h 18:55h 9:23h 10:11h 69h
Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 69h 18:03h 7:24h 12:30h 69h
Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus 69h 31:40h 8:46h 7:24h 69h
Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 69h 16:57h 8:48h 11:27h 69h
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 68h 21:39h 9:20h 10:41h 68h
Nokia Lumia 830 68h 14:56h 10:36h 9:58h 68h
Xiaomi Mi 4 68h 18:15h 9:31h 7:00h 68h
Sony Xperia C 68h 13:29h 12:45h 12:53h 68h
Huawei Honor 6 67h 17:13h 12:59h 12:51h 67h
Sony Xperia M2 67h 16:40h 9:48h 10:04h 67h
Huawei Ascend Mate7 67h 20:06h 13:53h 14:04h 67h
Xiaomi Mi 4i 67h 21:02h 8:27h 10:11h 67h
Sony Xperia X 67h 19:05h 9:34h 9:56h 67h
Samsung Galaxy K zoom 67h 16:01h 9:10h 10:08h 67h
Samsung Galaxy J2 67h 14:51h 8:58h 10:35h 67h
Nokia Lumia 630 66h 13:20h 10:18h 10:00h 66h
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 66h 20:27h 9:29h 7:14h 66h
HTC Butterfly 2 66h 19:23h 13:11h 10:26h 66h
Nokia Lumia 635 66h 14:17h 10:00h 10:00h 66h
Xiaomi Mi 3 66h 13:28h 8:04h 9:28h 66h
OnePlus 3 66h 32:48h 8:03h 13:15h 66h
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) 66h 22:51h 7:42h 10:17h 66h
Meizu m1 note 66h 14:53h 13:05h 11:09h 66h
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) 66h 22:23h 10:50h 5:23h 66h
HTC 10 66h 20:42h 9:08h 8:42h 66h
OnePlus One 66h 19:56h 9:46h 11:23h 66h
Sony Xperia Z3+ 65h 16:13h 11:51h 7:46h 65h
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact 65h 20:42h 12:37h 10:01h 65h
Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 65h 11:01h 6:58h 11:29h 65h
Samsung Galaxy A3 65h 20:04h 7:36h 8:34h 65h
ZTE nubia Z9 mini 65h 19:08h 7:44h 7:02h 65h
Huawei Honor 7 64h 14:33h 10:38h 9:43h 64h
HTC Desire 816 64h 14:46h 11:48h 10:34h 64h
Huawei P8 64h 13:50h 13:32h 9:25h 64h
Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual SIM 64h 15:50h 9:22h 8:27h 64h
Motorola Moto G 4G 64h 14:17h 10:52h 7:27h 64h
Motorola RAZR i XT890 64h 20:07h 7:06h 8:11h 64h
Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 63h 22:42h 6:02h 5:16h 63h
Motorola Moto X Style 63h 22:23h 6:49h 9:14h 63h
LG G3 63h 25:38h 6:29h 8:30h 63h
Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL 63h 20:22h 7:43h 11:32h 63h
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra 62h 14:53h 7:15h 7:58h 62h
HTC One M9 62h 20:44h 7:31h 8:21h 62h
Apple iPhone 6s 62h 9:41h 12:27h 10:46h 62h
Sony Xperia ZR 62h 17:48h 11:20h 7:30h 62h
BlackBerry Priv 62h 14:40h 8:20h 6:33h 62h
Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue 62h 22:16h 7:23h 6:40h 62h
LG G Flex2 62h 17:51h 6:16h 10:35h 62h
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL 62h 16:50h 10:50h 10:38h 62h
Nokia XL 62h 10:45h 11:54h 6:28h 62h
Samsung Galaxy Core LTE 62h 22:13h 9:37h 5:34h 62h
Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX 61h 20:24h 7:23h 14:17h 61h
Apple iPhone 6 61h 12:23h 10:29h 9:24h 61h
LG G Pro 2 61h 25:37h 9:31h 5:49h 61h
Sony Xperia X Performance 61h 20:56h 7:23h 8:18h 61h
Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom 61h 15:32h 8:51h 9:30h 61h
Huawei P8lite ALE-L04 61h 18:25h 8:42h 10:00h 61h
Nokia Lumia 1020 61h 22:13h 5:50h 13:12h 61h
Archos 50 Diamond 60h 15:23h 7:20h 8:24h 60h
LG Nexus 5X 60h 16:57h 8:32h 6:25h 60h
Samsung ATIV SE 60h 22:05h 7:12h 10:07h 60h
Motorola Moto E Dual SIM 60h 16:38h 8:42h 6:31h 60h
Huawei Mate S 60h 13:53h 9:43h 11:26h 60h
Motorola Moto E 60h 16:38h 8:42h 6:31h 60h
Nokia Lumia 720 60h 15:17h 7:37h 6:43h 60h
LG G5 60h 17:37h 7:35h 10:21h 60h
Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos 60h 20:04h 7:36h 8:34h 60h
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 60h 19:54h 8:17h 8:34h 60h
Microsoft Lumia 532 Dual SIM 60h 14:24h 10:52h 8:51h 60h
Samsung Galaxy Express I8730 59h 10:00h 7:09h 10:00h 59h
Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 59h 15:47h 7:52h 8:34h 59h
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo 59h 13:20h 7:43h 6:55h 59h
HTC One E9+ 59h 12:07h 8:05h 7:00h 59h
Nokia Lumia 735 59h 17:30h 8:20h 10:20h 59h
Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe ZE551ML 59h 15:47h 7:52h 8:34h 59h
Microsoft Lumia 435 58h 15:50h 9:22h 8:27h 58h
HTC First 57h 12:31h 6:39h 10:03h 57h
Samsung I9295 Galaxy S4 Active 57h 16:40h 7:35h 7:03h 57h
Yota YotaPhone 2 57h 22:09h 6:23h 7:41h 57h
Samsung Ativ Odyssey I930 57h 16:41h 9:54h 8:59h 57h
Asus PadFone 2 56h 11:20h 8:20h 7:38h 56h
Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 56h 12:45h 7:09h 8:11h 56h
LG V10 56h 16:40h 8:20h 7:30h 56h
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual 56h 14:53h 7:15h 7:58h 56h
BlackBerry Q10 56h 20:00h 8:42h 11:15h 56h
Sony Xperia E1 56h 12:30h 11:30h 6:12h 56h
Microsoft Lumia 650 55h 18:30h 7:57h 7:09h 55h
Xiaomi Redmi Note 55h 21:41h 5:53h 5:18h 55h
Motorola DROID RAZR M 55h 12:31h 7:42h 9:00h 55h
Gionee Elife S5.1 55h 8:55h 7:04h 6:06h 55h
Microsoft Lumia 532 55h 14:24h 10:52h 8:51h 55h
Sony Xperia XA Ultra 55h 14:22h 7:50h 7:59h 55h
Xiaomi Redmi 2 55h 12:33h 5:41h 8:01h 55h
BlackBerry Q5 55h 14:31h 10:04h 12:28h 55h
alcatel Hero 55h 25:02h 9:40h 9:49h 55h
LG G4 54h 16:40h 7:54h 7:23h 54h
Motorola Moto G 54h 13:41h 9:04h 6:37h 54h
OnePlus X 54h 15:57h 6:32h 6:55h 54h
Samsung I9190 Galaxy S4 mini 54h 13:10h 9:47h 13:12h 54h
Sony Xperia M 54h 12:31h 7:09h 9:49h 54h
Lenovo S90 Sisley 54h 10:00h 7:00h 7:30h 54h
Apple iPhone 5s 54h 10:46h 9:58h 10:31h 54h
Lenovo Vibe Shot 54h 16:17h 8:11h 5:40h 54h
Sony Xperia Z1 53h 26:53h 5:59h 6:12h 53h
Lenovo K3 Note 53h 17:13h 5:56h 6:55h 53h
HTC Desire 600 dual sim 53h 11:58h 6:34h 6:49h 53h
Huawei P8lite 53h 17:38h 8:27h 9:00h 53h
Motorola Moto Z 53h 10:43h 6:13h 10:24h 53h
Huawei Ascend P7 53h 13:36h 7:13h 8:10h 53h
Sony Xperia C4 Dual 53h 13:11h 7:05h 5:39h 53h
Samsung Galaxy Alpha 52h 13:20h 8:25h 8:05h 52h
HTC Desire 700 dual sim 52h 16:56h 12:30h 6:26h 52h
Apple iPhone 5c 52h 10:18h 9:05h 7:41h 52h
Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam 52h 11:58h 5:28h 9:42h 52h
Xiaomi Mi 4c 52h 18:31h 9:32h 10:47h 52h
HTC Desire 616 dual sim 52h 13:00h 5:24h 5:15h 52h
Sony Xperia Z Ultra 52h 24:23h 5:23h 8:45h 52h
Sony Xperia SP 51h 19:49h 6:18h 7:27h 51h
Xiaomi Redmi 1S 51h 14:51h 6:54h 6:42h 51h
Samsung Galaxy Premier I9260 51h 11:30h 6:40h 12:51h 51h
Apple iPhone 5 51h 8:42h 9:56h 10:12h 51h
ZTE Blade S6 51h 15:01h 7:01h 8:00h 51h
Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III 50h 10:15h 6:27h 9:27h 50h
Sony Xperia J 50h 9:14h 7:06h 8:11h 50h
LG Optimus G Pro E985 50h 20:45h 6:40h 8:40h 50h
Samsung I9105 Galaxy S II Plus 50h 11:06h 6:40h 10:00h 50h
Lenovo Vibe X2 50h 12:30h 8:01h 5:09h 50h
HTC One mini 2 50h 09:58h 06:33h 06:05h 50h
Motorola Moto G (2nd gen) 50h 11:49h 6:37h 6:05h 50h
HTC Desire 820 dual sim 49h 14:17h 9:10h 7:10h 49h
Samsung Galaxy Core I8260 49h 11:52h 6:54h 7:30h 49h
Nokia Lumia 520 49h 13:33h 7:15h 5:50h 49h
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 49h 17:09h 7:36h 6:37h 49h
HTC DROID DNA 49h 11:07h 6:40h 7:30h 49h
HTC Desire 820 49h 14:17h 9:10h 7:10h 49h
Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) 48h 14:45h 7:11h 7:31h 48h
Xiaomi Mi Note 48h 14:31h 6:19h 6:32h 48h
Gionee Elife S5.5 48h 11:32h 5:10h 6:02h 48h
Microsoft Lumia 950 48h 8:25h 7:29h 9:40h 48h
Nokia Lumia 810 48h 9:05h 8:20h 6:26h 48h
Sony Xperia Z 48h 16:03h 6:37h 5:39h 48h
HTC One 48h 13:38h 9:58h 10:02h 48h
Samsung S7710 Galaxy Xcover 2 48h 10:03h 6:35h 7:30h 48h
Pantech Discover 48h 14:17h 5:33h 6:55h 48h
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM 47h 16:50h 10:50h 10:38h 47h
Sony Xperia E5 47h 11:29h 7:38h 6:45h 47h
Sony Xperia E4g 47h 11:07h 11:32h 6:00h 47h
HTC Desire 500 47h 11:31h 6:31h 7:50h 47h
Huawei Ascend P6 46h 14:17h 6:30h 6:55h 46h
Nokia Lumia 930 46h 16:40h 4:57h 5:48h 46h
BlackBerry Z10 46h 8:20h 6:27h 8:44h 46h
HTC One A9 46h 11:12h 5:22h 8:33h 46h
Alcatel Idol X+ 45h 14:41h 5:55h 6:29h 45h
Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 45h 19:55h 9:05h 8:41h 45h
Apple iPhone 4s 45h 7:41h 6:56h 9:24h 45h
BlackBerry Leap 45h 12:05h 7:37h 8:59h 45h
Samsung Rugby Smart I847 45h 7:09h 5:53h 9:34h 45h
HTC Butterfly 45h 12:18h 6:24h 8:28h 45h
LG Optimus G E975 45h 15:30h 5:15h 7:16h 45h
Nokia Lumia 510 44h 8:22h 6:13h 6:23h 44h
HTC One X+ 44h 13:31h 7:56h 8:11h 44h
Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM 44h 12:15h 5:21h 5:27h 44h
Samsung S8600 Wave 3 44h 11:07h 5:34h 7:52h 44h
Nokia Lumia 920 44h 8:56h 5:40h 6:19h 44h
Sony Xperia ZL 44h 15:22h 6:04h 5:28h 44h
Nokia Lumia 610 43h 8:51h 8:01h 7:23h 43h
Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 43h 8:28h 5:23h 4:30h 43h
HTC Vivid 42h 9:02h 4:46h 6:00h 42h
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 42h 6:53h 4:45h 6:25h 42h
Microsoft Lumia 550 42h 11:40h 6:55h 5:05h 42h
HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE 42h 11:25h 5:48h 6:51h 42h
LG Optimus L9 P760 42h 11:07h 5:02h 5:53h 42h
Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V 42h 8:41h 4:20h 7:45h 42h
HTC Desire X 42h 11:03h 5:16h 5:38h 42h
Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini 42h 6:22h 7:38h 7:46h 42h
Sony Xperia E 41h 6:40h 6:40h 9:00h 41h
Nokia Lumia 928 41h 12:27h 5:36h 6:54h 41h
HTC Sensation XL 40h 9:30h 5:20h 6:12h 40h
Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II 40h 8:35h 4:24h 8:00h 40h
Samsung Galaxy S III I747 40h 12:18h 6:16h 8:14h 40h
Sony Xperia XA 40h 10:27h 5:20h 7:08h 40h
LG Optimus 4X HD P880 40h 7:41h 3:59h 4:14h 40h
Nokia Lumia 820 40h 7:09h 4:24h 6:25h 40h
Nokia Lumia Icon 40h 14:15h 5:17h 7:34h 40h
HTC One mini 40h 12:04h 8:12h 7:23h 40h
Samsung Galaxy Note I717 40h 8:02h 5:24h 7:30h 40h
Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G T769 39h 7:14h 5:45h 7:33h 39h
Nokia N9 39h 6:57h 4:33h 8:40h 39h
Sony Xperia L 39h 12:30h 6:40h 4:44h 39h
Samsung i927 Captivate Glide 39h 8:20h 5:33h 6:04h 39h
LG Optimus GJ E975W 39h 12:39h 7:11h 8:15h 39h
BlackBerry Curve 9380 39h 6:52h 6:40h 5:09h 39h
Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 39h 12:14h 3:35h 8:25h 39h
HTC Rhyme 39h 8:48h 5:08h 5:23h 39h
Motorola Moto X 39h 14:06h 8:17h 10:01h 39h
Samsung Galaxy mini 2 S6500 38h 6:28h 6:03h 9:22h 38h
HTC One SV 38h 11:07h 6:15h 6:55h 38h
Nokia X 38h 11:13h 4:55h 6:10h 38h
Samsung Focus S I937 38h 7:25h 6:15h 7:55h 38h
Nokia Lumia 900 38h 7:21h 5:25h 6:37h 38h
LG Nexus 5 38h 10:01h 4:45h 5:01h 38h
LG Optimus Vu F100S 37h 7:57h 4:49h 6:23h 37h
HTC One X 37h 9:57h 4:18h 5:45h 37h
Nokia Lumia 620 36h 14:17h 3:50h 6:32h 36h
Motorola ATRIX HD MB886 36h 9:04h 6:40h 6:01h 36h
Samsung I9103 Galaxy R 36h 9:40h 5:07h 6:21h 36h
Sony Xperia acro S 36h 7:09h 5:16h 5:38h 36h
Sony Xperia T 36h 8:15h 5:33h 6:01h 36h
BlackBerry Bold 9790 35h 5:00h 4:02h 5:47h 35h
HTC One S C2 35h 9:42h 4:03h 9:28h 35h
Nokia Lumia 800 35h 8:25h 4:07h 5:52h 35h
HTC One S 35h 9:42h 4:03h 9:28h 35h
LG Optimus 3D Max P720 34h 8:42h 4:10h 3:28h 34h
Nokia 808 PureView 34h 5:16h 4:14h 9:53h 34h
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 34h 9:32h 6:38h 6:54h 34h
HTC Radar 34h 6:53h 7:17h 5:54h 34h
Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 34h 5:54h 3:47h 6:06h 34h
Huawei Ascend P1 34h 12:30h 3:23h 7:38h 34h
Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810 33h 8:21h 5:55h 5:02h 33h
HTC Rezound 32h 8:10h 5:16h 5:03h 32h
LG Nexus 4 E960 32h 14:17h 4:34h 4:55h 32h
Sony Xperia ion LTE 31h 5:52h 5:56h 6:03h 31h
Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 31h 8:23h 3:01h 6:02h 31h
HTC One V 31h 10:00h 6:49h 5:20h 31h
HTC Windows Phone 8X 31h 11:07h 6:01h 6:27h 31h
Sony Xperia E dual 30h 6:42h 7:42h 6:27h 30h
Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T 29h 5:53h 4:10h 5:18h 29h
Sony Xperia P 28h 5:58h 3:59h 4:30h 28h
LG Nitro HD 28h 5:16h 4:00h 4:17h 28h
Nokia Lumia 710 27h 9:05h 3:51h 3:27h 27h
HTC Titan II 23h 5:10h 4:05h 5:50h 23