Spotify Brings Melody to your Emails



Spotify’s new tool aims to make your out-of-office experience more musical, by  letting you add songs to your emails when you step out of the office.

The  service, tagged Out of Office (OOO) has a feature that builds a playlist based on your destination that will appear inside the aforementioned message. The web-based interface takes into account the city you are travelling to, whether it is for business or pleasure and the overall mood of the trip before compiling a collection of songs. If you do not like the songs provided, you can get other music by simply changing the mood (relaxed, adventure, or party).

After creating the playlist, OOO comes up with a message which you will paste in your email account and adjust it as you like. To listen to the playlist, people who receive your OOO message will have to click on a link to “get a taste” of your trip.

The feature is now available to anyone with a Spotify account.