This Diamond Encrusted Black iPhone 7 is $500,000(N160m)


There exists a host of companies who will take your humble iPhone and dip it in gold, or encrust it with diamonds or even both. One of them is Gresso . Gresso is a luxury brand that loves to decorate high-end smartphones and accessories with a tasteful amount of jewelry. Its latest offering is the iPhone 7 Black Diamond collection, which comprises three black iPhone 7 handsets worth $500,000(N160m) each. Their back panels are coated in 1450 black diamonds totaling 102 carats, while the body has been re-crafted from premium grade-5 titanium.


The Gresso logo and camera frame are made of 10 grams of 18 carat gold, and the product is complete with the addition of black AirPods – covered in no less than 30 black diamonds (2kts). Each unit is hand-made and takes over 18 hours to assemble.
If $500,000(N160m) is a bit out of your smartphone budget, no need to worry, you can still order an iPhone case from Gresso that is made of grade-5 titanium and features an 18 carat gold inlay, along with diamond embellishments. These are made in 999 pieces and the price starts from a more reasonable $2500(N80m).

In this period of recession I doubt if any Nigerian will want to shell out N160m to buy an iphone ……well it’s the diamonds you are buying not the phone.