This Stunning Christmas Tree is Made of 245 Glass LED Pendant Lights


As the Christmas season is just around the corner! While most of us have been busy selecting our miniature Christmas trees, two brands have gone ahead and created what most could only imagine in a fairy tale.  Lee broom and iconic glassware brand, Nude got together to build a 10-metre-tall Christmas tree made of 245 individual hand-blown glass pendant lights .The result of their collaboration is truly a sight to behold and not something you would want to miss out on.

Tagged ‘The Tree of Glass’, the Christmas themed installation is placed in the triple-storey atrium of the Aqua Shard restaurant on the 31st floor of the Renzo Piano building. The entire structure was planned to the tee and was created with the use of hand blown glass pendants by Nude. Each of the individual pieces were pre-set to their specific height and specifically wired and suspended to create the entire tree. While designing the structure, Lee Broom considered the interior of the Shard and the angles and facets of the building as a whole.

The Tree of Glass also happens to be the largest structure of its’ kind to be built by Nude. Furthermore, it has been designed such that the individual pendants can be disassembled in the coming year and sold off separately. Proceeds from the sale of the singular hand blown Nude pieces will go to The British Red Cross. All said, an illuminating glass tree of this stature is bound to mesmerize one and all.


Two of the four facets of the glass pendants are reeded vertically to allow for refraction with the LED light, while the remaining two are left plain to allow visitors to catch glimpses of the view through the installation.

The glass structure is the largest Nude has ever created. The overall weight of the installation, which is based on a reinforced circular steel plate, was a major challenge and meant Nude had to be precise when creating the thin crystalline forms.

Each of the glass pendants, which were hand blown by Nude, were pre-set to their specific height and then individually wired and suspended to create the formation. All of this was implemented on scissor lifts at a height of over 10 meters on the 31st floor of a 310-meter-high building. It was a painstaking process and we had to be incredibly accurate to achieve the overall configuration,  said Lee Broom.