No Room for Recklessness: Uber Track Drivers with Harsh Brakes


While it is believed that excessive alcohol is the major cause of many road accidents leading to loss of lives, there are other negligible attitudes, such as distractions and sleep disorders. Uber, is however, using a new technology to improve safety for everyone on the road.

Uber is set to update its drivers app with new features that will help reduce these risks .The technology uses the sensors in a driver’s phone to keep track of their acceleration and braking. The app will monitor hard braking, which could be due to lack of concentration or slow reactions to changes in traffic. The app will also display the vehicle’s speed, warning the drivers when they go above the legal limit.

Speed data will be collected from the phone’s GPS system, using telematics, while the phone’s gyroscope will tell if a driver picks the phone off the dashboard instead of concentrating on driving.

Daily reports will give a comprehensive feedback about their actual driving patterns, compared to the method by which passengers rate each ride. For now the new features are being tried out in 11 US cities.