Versame Starling: Boosts Early Language Development in Children


VersaMe  Starlin, available at $200(N57, 000) clips to a child’s clothing and tracks how many words are spoken to him or her — an important metric in every child’s development.

Research has proven that early vocabulary development can impact a child’s trajectory for life. According to Stanford psychologists, “Kids who get consistent interaction and those who don’t are divided by a language gap. This gap in speech and comprehension is evident in children as young as 18 months, and by the time kids enter kindergarten, there can be as much as a 2-year developmental disparity”. The more you speak to a baby regardless of what you are talking about, the better you are setting him or her up for the rest of life.

The Starling not only gives you personalised information and analytics for your child, but also suggests activities to help make sure your little one is on track. You can follow your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly patterns of interaction, and also receive notifications suggesting activities to increase it.

In Nigeria, where most network providers seem to only focus attention on cities and major towns leaving remote areas with poor network signals, no need to worry this device has you covered. The Starling count words without an Internet connection. So feel free to travel to those remote areas in the North, East, West and South, and be rest assured that your Starling will work just fine.

Do words really matter?

By age four, a child can be 30 million words ahead, or 30 million words behind. This is known as the “Word Gap.” The number of words a child hears before age four is one of the biggest predictors of their future cognitive, social, and emotional success. A study by the University of Kansas researchers, Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley- The Early Catastrophe: The 30 Million Word Gap by Age 3, proved that it is critical to talk to children during this period of rapid brain growth and development.

The Starling uses technology to empower parents to become their child’s first (and most important) teacher. With the right exposure to words, you can literally change your child’s trajectory —for life.

How does it work?

The Starling clips to your child’s clothes first thing in the morning and stays there until bedtime when you can put it back into its charging dock.  At any time, simply pressing the Starling’s button will let you know if you have hit your daily target yet, with a blinking red or green light.  Sync with your phone when you take the Starling off – or set it to do it automatically – and the Starling’s companion app will give you the analytics to put your words in context. It also gives you ideas for activities in case you are ever at a loss for words and provides challenges to help push you to spend a few more minutes each day with your child.

For now the Starling is only available on iOS, the Android version is coming soon.