Vertu Says Ramadan Kareem with Bespoke Phones


VertuRamadan-special-1170x888As part of its larger global art program, Vertu has gone into partnership with artist, Wissam Shawkat to create an astounding calligraphy designs on their smartphones.  The framework of the art built around the theme of love, will run through of Ramadan, a holy period for Islamists.

The Artist style of calligraphy comes withs high level of craftsmanship combined with a contemporary interpretation of the art form, which alligns with Vertu’s belief in extraordinary craftsmanship combined with innovative technology and services.

I am honoured to be working with Vertu. The brand has changed the definition of what a mobile phone can be, from something very practical to an innovative, extremely personal object. Each phone combines hand craftsmanship with leading edge technology, resulting in a sensorial experience in both design and function. Similarly, I aim to elevate the art of Arabic calligraphy. While maintaining the heritage of the traditional Arabic art form, I aim to advance the aesthetic to something contemporary and modern, Wissam Shawkat said.

To add further customisation to the phones, the company is also allowing potential buyers to opt for a bespoke design option. Through this model, you can commission an artist to create a custom design of your choice on a Vertu phone.

Vertu’s Head of Design, Hutch Hutchison said, the partnership is the ultimate expression of Vertu’s bespoke offering, whereby customers cannot only own a unique device but also a work of art.

The phones will be available for purchase in selected Vertu boutiques in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Lebanon.